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Number One Pest Control of Lake Forest takes pride in having the very best Lake Forest bed bug exterminators. Lately, we have been managing the increase in Lake Forest bed bug infestations. We’re not precisely sure why this surge of bed bugs in Lake Forest has occurred, but it’s likely due to more and more people taking in used possessions from garage sales and unintentionally bringing these bed bugs in their home. We advise those who love to purchase second-hand to inspect certain items before buying or bringing into the home; bedding, furniture, etc.

The idea of bed bugs in your home is likely going to strike fear within you, among many other common feelings. Bed bugs will appear in a way that makes it impossible to ignore them. Bed bugs will feed on your blood while you’re asleep, piercing your skin with a stylet which has small teeth, to find blood vessels. It will then feed for about five minutes before returning to its hiding spot. A person who experiences bed bug bites might be itchy and notice swelling at the bite location(s).

Where to Find the Bed Bugs

It’s quite normal to not see the bed bugs themselves. They prefer the cracks around your bed as a place to hide and lay their eggs within the bed seams. In most cases, people don’t know they have bed bugs until they have been attacked during sleep.

Another way to discover bed bugs, other than having a lot of bite marks, is to notice blood or dark spots which are actually fecal matter on your sheets, comforter, or pillow cases. You should try to find another place to sleep if you think or have confirmed the presence of bed bugs until it’s been properly treated.

Call Your Lake Forest Bed Bug Experts!

You can call us to schedule an inspection and we can explain the costs of treatment and inspections over the phone. Eliminating bed bugs isn’t an easy process, for any pest control company, and requires quite a bit of work on the homeowner’s end as well. However, if you seek treatment at the first sign of possible bed bugs, you can actually prevent the infestation from growing and get a handle on them before it costs even more.

If you think you may have a bed bug invasion, Number One Pest Control of Lake Forest will take care of your bed bug problem and provide the bed bug treatment you need! Our Lake Forest bed bugs pros attend industry seminars every year and stay current on the latest trends and methods for keeping your family safe! Just call 949-397-6274 today to learn more about our bed bug solutions.

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